how much does a percocet 7.5 325 on street

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how much does a percocet 7.5 325 on street

how much does a percocet 7.5 325 on street

Street value oxycodone acetaminophen 5.

How much will 20 5/325 Percocets cost me.
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  • Information on hydrocodone acetaminophen.

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23.12.2008 · Best Answer: legally, we sell brand (percocet) for $3 a tab. generic (oxycodone/apap) for $.75 per tab. i don't know what it goes for on the streets
27.08.2012 · My doctor says to take it and I don't know much about it. How strong is that? What ate the side effects? What does the 7.5-325 mean? What is the street value?
25.01.2008 · Best Answer: $18-$25 depending on where you go. Wal-Mart will beat any other stores prices and usually they are the lowest anyway. I take generic 20mg
Does anyone know how much per pill.
Norco 5 325 street value. crushing norco (11) cymbalt (22) cymbalta (6996) cymbalta 60 mg difference between hydrocodone 5/500 and 5/325 (11) dilaudid street value .

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